Ross Bridge Animal Hospital offers pet owners in Hoover, Homewood, Birmingham, Bessemer, and Shannon, Alabama an array of the latest diagnostic tools available in veterinary medicine enabling us to provide excellence in pet health care for your companion pets. Ultrasound is an extremely useful, non-invasive diagnostic procedure that produces clear, easy to read images that are more detailed than an x-ray.

The ultrasound uses high frequency soundwaves to create a moving picture of your pet’s internal organs. The ultrasound is particularly useful in examining abdominal organs, discovering abdominal masses, evaluating pregnancies, diagnosing cardiac problems, and finding bladder and kidney stones. At Ross Bridge Animal Hospital, we also use the ultrasound process to perform echocardiograms as well as ultrasound guided biopsies of both abdominal and thoracic organs. This is a service that is not typically found at most veterinary practices.

Ultrasounds can take some time, so we recommend that pet owners drop off their pets for this service. However, you are welcome to wait while we carry out the procedure.

The dedicated doctor and staff at Ross Bridge Animal Hospital are here when you need us to diagnose your pet’s condition. We serve the nearby neighborhoods of Ross Bridge, Bluff Park, Lake Crest, Lake Cyrus, Trace Crossings, and Russet Woods.

Our mission is to promote and facilitate pet health, wellness and comfort.

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